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HD 6 + 1 series

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Equipment highlights:
1.Imported servo driven leading edge paper feeding mechanism, PLC automatically adjusts paper feeding stroke
2.Light pressure-free paper feeding, no damage to cardboard strength
3. Efficient and multifunctional dust removal device makes the printing layout more perfect
4. The new scraper system can complete the latest tool correction function and lock mechanism in 2 minutes to improve production efficiency.
5. Servo-driven phase adjustment, more accurate and faster
6. Integrated vacuum box design, more uniform wind pressure and more accurate overprint
7. The whole machine is infrared drying to ensure perfect printing effect
8. Ink temperature control system, effectively improve printing quality
9. Eight-axis slot design, more beautiful carton molding (optional)
10.One-button quick automatic knife arranging function
11.Die cutting dual servo independent drive, die cutting size correction function
12. The whole drive can be selected with full servo drive and gear imported from Taiwan with zero backlash design
13. Centralized dust removal of the whole machine
14.Fast and smart one-button tuning
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