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FSD servo series

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Machine characteristics
1 Full servo drive (Germany)
2 Adopt rollless paper feeding to ensure the strength of cardboard
3 New-type silicone roller electrostatic dust removal to ensure the dust removal effect
4 can store frequently used orders, speed up the order replacement operation
5 high network cables (600-800 lines) 133-150LPI, high precision ± 0.25-0.3mm
6Printing process
7 Imported PLC, touch screen multi-function control
8All electrical, electronic and pneumatic components adopt European standards
9 Central control computer, can realize remote diagnosis and maintenance
10 Achieve seamless docking with the production management system and ERP system
11Pulse type centralized dust collector to keep the workshop clean
12 hot air and infrared drying to ensure drying effect
13 die-cutting and slotting integrated design, new hard banding technology
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