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FSC HD Series

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Machine characteristics
1. High efficiency and energy saving
2. Servo controlled leading edge paper feeding, extremely accurate
3. Pressure-free paper feeding, absolutely guarantee the zero strength of cardboard
4. Anti-static dust removal to ensure the best dust removal effect
5. The entire machine is vacuum-adsorbed, mechanical backlash-free transmission (patented technology)
6. Special production of printing screen roller, exquisite high-definition printing
7. Order storage function, automatic homing of each phase, improve work efficiency
8.Die cutting independent servo drive to ensure die cutting accuracy
9.Humanized human-machine dialogue for remote diagnosis, maintenance, and docking with the biological management system and ERP system
10. Network cable: 133-150LPI paper feeding accuracy ± 1, printing accuracy ± 0.25, speed 150P / min
11. Centralized dust removal of the whole machine to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop
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